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(Photo : Alex Cretey Systermans, 2013)

© Stephen Shore, 2nd Street East and South Main Street, Kalispell, Montana, August 22, 1974
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This is looking very good! I would definitely buy a print. 

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Scan of a darkroom print made today. I posted a scan of the negative a couple of days ago. 
When I shot this picture it was getting pretty dark (the sun had set entirely) but there was still a faint light on the greens covering parts of the hill and creek. After a recent burn everything had started to regenerate.  I felt like I was in a some kind of post-war environment, looking for shelter before total darkness came crashing down. Darkness falls really fucking fast on this side of the world. 
I’ll be offering some 8x10 prints for sale soon to fund the purchase of more paper. 
Thanks for following me over here! I will be posting my own work to my personal blog. This personal blog will contain work in progress and random work from my archives. 
I’ll keep on posting inspiring work from other photographers over here.
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Zwazoo (working title) is a work in progress about the transformation of the former Zwartberg Zoo and its surroundings.
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Gina Glover - House with wind turbine, near Minot, North Dakota, USA, from the Wind series in ‘the Metabolic Landscape’ project
Han Sungpil - from the series Ground Cloud
"Han Sungpil has consistently been capturing the core themes of nature, the environment and energy. This photographic work taken near a nuclear power plant in Nogent-sur-Seine, 1 hour away by local train from Paris in France, expresses the peculiar boundary between people’s rational understanding of and emotional response to nuclear power.
It keeps giving off water vapors that look like a cloud rising from the land. And the sky, the forest, and the water around it remain silent with their striking cleanliness intact.” - Choi Eunju (Chief Curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)
Observations while walking #001
By Kirsten Trippaers